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Downloads not working?

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Post - 3/11/2012

Hi there. I've been using your site for exactly 2 days now, and I got my TF2 spray from here. However, when I try to download or, it just goes to a blank screen. I am using Google Chrome. Any ideas? My TF2 spray ( downloaded just fine yesterday, and I haven't changed anything since then.
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Post - 3/13/2012

nvm, apparently it was just those 2 sprays, found another one I liked that downloaded.
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Post - 3/21/2012

I'm trying to download this one and it won't work ... milk-4884/
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Post - 4/27/2012

Hi, i can't download this spray (using Firefox 11.0)
showing: You just downloaded this file.
Please help me or upload this file.
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Post - 6/10/2012

I've tried with three different browser and can not down the sprays I want. If this file does not exist, why is it still listed for download? Most of the time is says you have already downloaded this file. Really? Really???
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Post - 6/15/2012

I think they gave up, guys. Between the downloads that don't work and the horrible spam, no one gives a flying duck anymore. It shocks me that people still upload to this site, and it shocks me that I still actually come here :P
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